Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

We declare that Novelty Digital Color Lab owns and wherever is written below it means that the company Novelty Digital Color Lab owns it and has a full libility for the actions of it’s subsidiary .

Our Company GPUDELHI.COM works on Cost-Plus Pricing model to give our customers the best deal on products so all the products listed on this website includes both our purchase cost and a small profit margin to offer the best products at an affordable rate. You will be charged seperately for Payment Gateway and Delivery charges at checkout. However you won’t be charged extra for bank or UPI transfer and local pickup of our items from our shop.

Below I have listed Cost-Plus Pricing model in detail.

Cost-plus pricing

Cost-plus pricing is a basic strategy that works by considering the total cost of making a product and adding a markup to that to determine the price of a product. This is a good strategy in the long term. A business owner needs to first understand the costs involved in production: material, labor, warehousing, machinery, utilities and such. The markup price that is added to the top of production cost is what the company makes in profit.

All the above details are according to company policy and have been reviewed by the proprietor of the company. If you have any problem please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 9818011705.

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