Cloud Mining NFTs

GpuDelhi Cloud Mining NFTs are amazing artworks that come with a real utility, earning daily cryptocurrency. Each GPU Image is a 1/1 unique Graphic Card backup by a real GPU miner located in our mining facility.

168 ETH

Maximum Earnings per Card


Annual Percentage Yield (APY)




Global Mining Investors

What is Etherium Mining ?

Etherium is the 2nd most popular virtual currency and it all ready to become the currency of the future.

While mining crypto currency Etherium tranastions are apporved by the miners and they are paid a transation fees to cover their operational costs  and earn extra money.

We have created a new concept of buying a GPU with NFT so you don’t have to manage a mining rig and get paid regularly. Also you can trade your NFT in the future for a Real Graphics Card or if you don’t like mining you can sell the NFT to someone else. So there is no lock in period.

Why buy NFTs instead of Real GPU ?

No Lock In Sell Anytime

You are not locked after the payment you can sell your Daily profit generating NFT & GPU anyday to someone else they will pay you for the GPU as well as the art assosiated with.

You Own ART

You get both the NFT and the GPU as a smart contact. So the value of NFT will always be higher than a regular GPU. If you want you can give us the NFT back and we will ship the Graphics Card to your address.

OpenSea, 2Miners, Flexpool

We use the leading services so you can trust us and our partners for your earnings. OpenSea for buying and selling NFT. 2Miners and Flexpool as a pool to handle your earnings and regularly send it to your account. 


We do not take KYC or any other personal detail of the NFT owner so all your earnings are anonymous.  Also there is no need of a KYC on the pools and Opensea marketplace so you don’t have to share your data in any step.

Cloud Mining NFTs

Here is an example of a GPUDelhi cloud mining NFT all are availabe on Opensea.

NFT owner does not have to pay anything more than the electricity. We will just deduct electricity costs flat $0.29/kWh used to run your GPU. So you will receive an expected 12-18 hours daily of full profit hashes and we will recieve the 4-8 hours of mining to maintain the hardware. 

If you want to calculate your daily profit then you can just check sites like and check the daily profitibility after deducting electricity costs at $0.29/kWh and check all the GPUs profit on Etherium.

GPUDelhi manages the farm and 2Miners/Flexpool manages the mining pool. You will get your graphics card’s hashes delivered to the Pool they will automatically deposit your generated Etherium to the current NFT owner’s Etherium Account.

Your earnings will start 24 hours after your payment so you can check stats online on either 2Miners or Flexpool. After your earnings start it can only be depisited to your Etherium account only. Also Opensea will verify the ownership of your NFT. So there is no worry about hacks.


If you want you can contact us and we will start 2Miners solo mining on your GPU. It provides you with an opportunity to mine a full block which is expected to give a reward of 1.5-580 ETH. It is a lottery but on Etherium network a lottery is won every minute so it is possible you might get the next block.


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